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Light Bulb Guide

Choosing a light bulb 

Sometimes choosing a light bulb can seem like a dark art. Forgive the pun. 

If you want to use your star as a lampshade, or with one of our cable kits, you will need to fit the right bulb for your light fitting. 

  1. When using your star as a lampshade over your existing fitting : check first what fitting type you have. It is likely to be one of 3 types :
    • Bayonet Cap  ( BC )
    • Edison Screw ( ES )  E27
    • Small Edison Screw ( SES ) E14

               The cable kits we sell in our store are type E14.

Light Bulb Guide

2. Choose a bulb. Heres a pic of some of the most common bulbs. We’ve ticked the ones that we recommend for use with the stars, and alongside it given the wattage we recommend too. 

Light Bulb Guide

Choose an LED bulb – they use less power, give out less heat, and are best for the environment and your pocket.  

Note : You may also notice that LED bulbs now also have 2 other technical specifications : Lumens and Kelvins. 

  1. Lumens refers to the brightness of the bulb – and stars look great with any number of lumens – the more lumens, the brighter.
  2. Kelvins – this refers to the colour temperature of the bulb. Sometimes you see this referred to as “ warm white”, and “ cool white “.  We think “warm white” looks best – which is measured as 2700k – 3000k. Most bulbs you buy in your hardware store will be warm white. 

So, finally, if we were to recommend the ideal bulb, it is as follows : LED candle bulb, 5.5 watts, warm white ( 2700k ).

For our Baby Prosecco star, only use this type of bulb. All the others are too big !

Job done ✅

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