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Unique Christmas Tree Topper - Christmas Tree Ideas 2022

Whether you love the real thing or prefer to fake it, a well decorated Christmas tree can become the focal point of your space for the festive period. And displayed in a window may well be the envy of your street.

We have 16th Century Germany to thank for the Christmas tree (we think!) when people would use evergreen foliage and wooden pyramid-shaped structures to decorate their homes.

Christmas tree lights have also been an important element of the Christmas tree tradition for almost 400 years - the first person to be credited with putting lights on a Christmas tree was Martin Luther, a German priest and religious reformer, who used candles on his tree to replicate the beauty of the stars in the night sky. The idea was exported to the UK by Queen Victoria in the 1840s – and the rest is history.

Today the tradition is still going strong. And although candles are no longer used, we might look instead to replicate the stars in the night sky by a cascade of twinkling battery-operated fairy lights – or even a Light up tree topper.

Christmas Tree Ideas 2022: A Unique Christmas Tree Topper

How to Install a Light up Christmas Tree Star Topper (Using your star lantern!)

There are several ways you can use a star lantern as a Christmas tree topper:

    1. Wrap LED fairy lights around the top of the Christmas tree. Then, open your star by holding it flat, placing one hand inside one of the outermost points and gently easing the point of the star outwards. Repeat this action with the remaining points of the star. Then, using the two pieces of cord provided, gently bring the two outermost points together and place the opened star over the tree.
    2. You can also place fairy lights inside the star and tie it up, using the same method as above. Then position it on the top of the tree.
    3. If you have enough space above the tree, rather than placing the star over the tree, try hanging it from the ceiling above it to create a clever illusion. To light the star you could use a plug-in pendant light fitting. Or place LED fairy lights inside it and hang from the ceiling with a ribbon attached to the tied-up cords of the star.
    4. Star lanterns also look fab as unlit decorations and they don't have to be illuminated to make an impact.
Christmas Tree Ideas 2022: A Unique Christmas Tree Topper

For more tips on how to use your star lantern. Visit our guide here.

How do you choose a Christmas tree topper? 

Check your ceiling height. It's important to have enough space between the ceiling and the top of the tree. You don't want the focal point of your tree being squashed!

Make sure your tree topper complements your Christmas tree decorations and ties in with the overall theme of your decor. Try a white tree topper to match a traditional display with neutral colours and minimal patterns. Although if your styling is colourful and maximalist, you may want to pick a tree topper to match! 

Sustainable Christmas Decorations Ideas

We all love the ritual of opening a box and rediscovering the decorations of Christmas past - and tradition and keepsakes have always been key parts of the festive season.

Now, more than ever before, people are looking for ways to celebrate with minimal waste – which means that re-usability and sustainability are playing increasingly important roles in our festive choices.

If, like many people, you’re looking for cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable Christmas decorations, the good news is that our starlights are re-usable – simply fold them flat after use and put them away, ready to be rediscovered for Christmases to come. They’re also fairly traded and made from responsibly sourced paper.

If you’re not having a Christmas tree this year, don’t worry!  You can still use a star as a festive centrepiece on your dining room table – or display in your window or on your mantelpiece as an alternative to hanging stockings.

Sustainable Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Ideas 2022: A Unique Christmas Tree Topper

Add a magical touch to your Christmas tree. Whether you choose a classic white star or something more bold and colourful, we have a wide range of designs that will match any style and budget. We also carry an assortment of lighting accessories so you can add that extra bit of sparkle! 

However you choose, it will add the finishing touch to your tree and bring together your Christmas Decorations for the whole family to enjoy. You might find you don’t want to take them down on 6th January!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @paperstarlights and show off your Christmas tree topper styling!

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