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Christmas Window Display Ideas

Creating a new seasonal Christmas Window Display is something to relish and enjoy. Every year we supply shops, bars, restaurants and other businesses with a whole variety of individual Christmas window decorations, and love the planning and attention to detail our clients spend to make their Christmas and winter displays really stand out. Although our speciality is Christmas window lighting, we think the same basic rules apply to whatever Christmas decoration ideas you are considering. 

We’ve put together 5 key things to remember when thinking about a Christmas decorating idea. 

1. Know your windows 

Christmas window displays

The first thing to do when considering your Christmas window display is to step outside. Remember – even though you’ll be dressing your windows from the inside, it’s the outside view that will bring your customers in. Don’t make the mistake of spending lots of time fixing decorations in your window only to discover that it just doesn’t work from the outside view. It may sound obvious, but it’s an easy mistake to make, particularly when excited by a brand new Christmas display idea !

Star decorating tip : if using stars in your display, don’t be afraid to measure up and max out on the available space. All our products give precise measurements, so it's easy to calculate how many you might need. 


2. Think about footfall  

Christmas window displays

Where do people come from when they approach your premises ?  What are the key visual angles?  When famous window displays such as those at Harrods, or Fenwicks are planned, this is always a key consideration. Are your customers passing on foot? Are you trying to capture the attention of people in their cars, or perhaps even going past on a double decker bus? Christmas window displays

Star decorating tip : our stars are the perfect way to highlight areas of your shop that might otherwise be left undecorated. First floor windows for example can be transformed with a single large light up star window decoration. Or use a star as a tree topper to give height to your display, or as a finishing touch to a grotto giving depth and dimension. 


3. Decide on a theme for your shop window

Christmas window displays

Theming a display is a great way of setting parameters for your seasonal window display. What is it you want to achieve with your display? What are your key product lines? What look and feel do you want to create and enhance ? There are so many trends out there – but let’s face it, the most important trend is your own. That’s why you do what you do. Christmas window displays

We’ve been working with a whole load of indie businesses, theming window displays around advent calendars for example, and encouraging footfall throughout a locality and supporting shop local campaigns. For more details on those see our journal entry here. We’re sure there are many Christmas design ideas to inspire. 

Star decorating tip : whether its a celestial Christmas, or a natural look, or perhaps a Scandi inspired Christmas, our paper star decorations are available in such a variety of designs, size, and colour, that most people find something in our range to enhance or even define their display.

Christmas window displays

Check out our bundles for inspiration. Whether it’s a bohemian scheme, or a retro style Christmas, our star décor and snowflakes give a calming glow and are visually striking from a distance. If its a classic white Christmas you are looking for we've got our discounted bundles. Hang stars at different heights to create maximum impact in your shop window.

4. Focus on the details of your window display

Christmas window displays

Now’s the time to start the detailed work of transforming your shop window into the seasonal scene you’ve been planning. Get all your seasonal props and decorations out. Prepare the kit you might need, including a tape measure and whatever fixings you have in your toolbox. Sketch the display out. Look at the details, aspects of your window that can be enhanced : window sills, existing window lights, nooks and crannies you might overlook. Always work in pairs – with one person able to view from the outside. 

Star decorating tip: our Christmas paper decorations can be used as hanging window decorations lit, or unlit. Fill spaces with shape and colour, attracting the eye, and enhancing the architecture and uniqueness of your retail space. 

5. Enjoy yourself!

Christmas window displays

Don’t overlook the fact that life should be enjoyed wherever and whenever possible! Turn Christmas into a party. For Christmas 2022, one of the great opportunities is to be able to focus on a sustainable Christmas – and theres nothing more enjoyable than knowing we’ve made moves towards a more sustainable future – including what materials we are using. 

Star decorating tip: all our paper decorations and Christmas decorations are made from natural materials, are entirely handmade, and can be re-used again and again.  


Shop our Christmas Display Bundles here. 

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 Merry Christmas and happy decorating ! From all of us at Paper Starlights.

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