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Sustainable Halloween Decorations

With Halloween comes a chill in the air, the coming of winter and the suggestion of longer nights ahead. Traditionally people have lit lanterns at this time of year to welcome the darkness with a display of light. And although pumpkins have now replaced turnips, the tradition of lighting a lantern is still burning bright.

A tradition which lives on in the Halloween/Autumn collection.

Sustainable Lanterns 

Even ghosts and ghouls can celebrate their one day on earth in an earth-kind manner. Possibly the scariest thing about Halloween is the waste. And the dark side of the season sees thousands of tonnes of plastic sent to landfill. Paper Starlights are 100% handmade in small batches using natural materials and traditional screen printing techniques. And because they’re re-usable, they won’t end up in the bin on November 1st.

Available singly, or in curated bundles for a larger display, our handmade Halloween decorations come in the spooky hues of orange, green, purple and black. Illuminate using battery operated fairy lights to create a moody ambience – great for the witching season.

Handmade Sustainable Halloween Decorations

Left to right: Venus Green and Venus Violet

Halloween Window Displays

Despite the chilly air, many Halloween get-togethers take place outdoors. And what better way to share the spookiness with a passing group of ghouls, than a Halloween window display? Paper Starlights are perfect for a halloween shop display, and can be suspended in a window cavity – either singly or in a cluster displayed at different heights. 

Our star lanterns are slim enough to hang flush against a window pane. They have the impact of a 3-dimensional illuminated lantern but without the bulkiness, and are very easy to hang.

Handmade Sustainable Halloween Decorations

The Halloween Bundle

Autumnal Orange

With its deep orange glow, this Venus Orange star lantern by Paper Starlights is a firm favourite as a Halloween window decoration and perfect for a Halloween party. Watch out for the atmospheric projections of light created by the star-shaped perforations in the lantern.

Handmade Sustainable Halloween Decorations

Welcome the Dark Side 

Create your very own haunted hideaway with this handmade black 7-pointed lantern by Paper Starlights. This atmospheric paper star is daringly different and guaranteed to be noticed! Its matt black exterior conceals a surprise – each tip is lined with vibrant rainbow-coloured card, creating contrasting multicoloured projections of light, visible through tiny star-shaped perforations. It makes an ideal mood light, nightlight - and a sure hit for Halloween! 

Handmade Sustainable Halloween Decorations

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