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Christmas Table Decoration (Ideas & Inspiration)

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Christmas is always a special time of year. But what if you want to really want to dress your table to impress. Decorating your dinner table for Christmas is a fun way to make your guests feel festive and it can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.


    First of all consider what kind of look and feel you want for your Christmas dinner table. Are you going for traditional colours, such as red, green and white? Are you going with bolder brighter colours?

    Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

    Or are you paring it down and taking inspiration from a Scandinavian Christmas, with neutral colours, such as cream and whites?

    Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

    To create a warm and inviting dining area, try using traditional colours such as red, green, gold, silver and white. These colours can be found in most Christmas decorations and also come together beautifully at the table. You may have baubles and other decorations you've not thought of using in years! This is the perfect opportunity to give them a new lease of life.


    Use a tablecloth or festive table runner to make sure your table looks neat and it also gives the opportunity to add a pop of colour to the setting. The possibilities are endless, but make sure it ties in with your overall theme. The addition of this classic makes everything feel more formal while also helping to protect your furniture from stains and spills. If in doubt keep it a neutral colour and let the rest of the decorations do the talking. 


    Why have something you're going to throwaway after the festivities have done.  Instead of having Christmas crackers you could give out special items to your loved ones. They'll cherish these forever and it cuts down on unnecessary waste.

    Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

    Pack of 6 Mini Hanging Paper Snowflake Decorations

    A sustainable alternative to Christmas crackers could be one of our mini snowflakes or even a paper star lantern. You can use these decorations again and again, even after Christmas is over!


    Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

    Baby Prosecco - Small Star Lantern

    Our smallest stars are perfect as sustainable gifts. Handcrafted from paper, these flat packed stars are versatile and can be hung or placed for a magical atmosphere.

      Cosy Candles

      Candles are essential for creating the right mood in any room, but especially at Christmas time. A candlelit dinner is one of the most special ways to spend an evening with someone you care about. Also, they give off a beautiful glow which makes everything on your table look even more picturesque!

      Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

      Photo by Laura Nyhuis on Unsplash

      Whether you're using them as part of an elegant centrepiece or simply lighting them around your table, they're a must-have for any festive gathering. Tall thin pillar candles are a Christmas classic and look particularly great in groups of 3. Don't forget about holders too!

      They could be electric candles or real flames, these warm lights will make any meal feel special. If you've inviting children around and worried about fire hazards, perhaps just stick with the LED versions instead!


      The centrepiece is another important piece - it's what will draw people's eyes first. Decorations should be placed so they don't block anyone's view of one another or make conversation difficult.

      A centrepiece could be placed on the table or hung from the ceiling for dramatic effect. A group of stars make for a celestial themed dining experience which is out of this world.

      Christmas Table Decoration (Setting Ideas and Inspiration)

      You could hang our stars over your table using a coloured ribbon that matches your theme. Be sure to place them at different heights for maximum impact! They look great as unlit 3D decorations. However if you're wanting add an extra bit of magic, you could light up the stars with a set of LED battery operated fairy lights.

      A few other Christmas table essentials:

      • Crystal glassware - you can never have too many sparkly things during Christmas time!
      • Silverware 
      • Make your own name cards for a personal touch 
      • Holly and Ivy - If you're looking for something traditional, holly and ivy will do the trick

      All excited to work your magic and get decorating your Christmas TableBrowse our Christmas Collection here.

      If you're looking for more inspiration for Christmas 2022, take a look at our guide to Christmas Trends for this year!

      Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @paperstarlights and show off your Christmas table styling!

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