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Christmas Trends for 2022 (Guide)

Christmas is an exciting time of year for many people, but it can be stressful for others. Millions of people each year travel home for Christmas visits, create Christmas lists and shop for gifts, and host parties or dinners with friends and family. To help with these tasks, some people turn to the internet to find gift ideas, party recipes, budgeting tools, and more. Still others enjoy reading about new trends in Christmas shopping or decorating that they can try out at home.

These days, many people are choosing to celebrate their holidays with more sustainable decorations as well as a few more traditional ones. The following ideas will help you stick to your budget and still pull off an impressive display of winter cheer for yourself or for others:

paperstarlights Manchester christmas market - christmas trends 2022

Celestial Decor

This year, the stars are aligning for celestial designs. Your Christmas tree can take on a celestial theme with stars, planets and moons as ornaments and your decorations can feature images of the night sky. This trend is all about taking inspiration from the night sky and incorporating it into your home decor. Motifs of the sky are making their way into everything from wallpapers to textiles and furniture. Think: glittery constellations, moon and star stencils and celestial-inspired cushions.

Star lanterns are great for small spaces like patios and porches. With openings for light to shine through, these paper lanterns add soft illumination without being too heavy or bulky, so they're easy on the eyes when placed close together (plus they look great in photos).

Consider hanging them in your window too to spread the starry joy. Window displays are another way people decorate their windows during this time of year—and why not? They're beautiful works of art that complement any home décor while simultaneously attracting attention from passersby who might want some holiday cheer themselves!

 celestial christmas stars- christmas trends 2022

Scandi Pastel

If you're looking for a more subtle way to add colour to your Christmas decorations this year, then try Scandi Pastel. The Scandinavian design aesthetic is known for its minimalist look and use of neutral tones such as white, grey and black with pops of bright colours like pink or yellow. This style uses muted pastels to create a fresh and modern feel that really works well in wintertime as it takes away some of the coldness of the season.

Use these hues in vases filled with flowers or pastel-coloured coffee mugs set out on tables during holiday gatherings at home. Soft pastels of pink and mint green being used in kitchens and bathrooms to create light-filled rooms where you can relax after a busy lead up to Christmas.

scandi pastel christmas stars- christmas trends 2022

Bright, Colourful and Wonderful

We know what you're thinking—bright colours aren't exactly "holiday decor". But this year is all about being bold with colour! With so many amazing colours out there (and even more coming out every day!), there's no reason not to experiment with them in your home decorating projects for the holidays. Consider them as another way to add pop and might just find yourself enjoying it more than ever before! 

We love having fun with our decorations at Christmas time so if you want something bolder than plain white star lights then why not try some colourful ones instead? Not only do they give off a warm glow but they also add an extra layer of festivity - it's all about maximalism in this trend.

Bright and colourful star lanterns - christmas trends 2022

Reusable Decorations

Many people are choosing not just reuse their old decorations from year-to-year but also buying eco-friendly alternatives too – just think about how many lights we go through each holiday season alone…why not repurpose those existing fairy lights and give them a festive spin.

To help reduce waste and protect the environment, consider using reusable decorations instead of disposable ones this holiday season. You can also opt for eco-friendly alternatives LED bulbs that use less energy than incandescent lights while providing brighter light output.

You can use your existing lighting solutions with our star lanterns. Why not use them as a lampshade or perhaps put those millions of fairy lights you've got lying around the house to good use by inserting them in one of our stars. 

 reusable star lanterns - christmas trends 2022

From new colour trends to more environmentally friendly initiatives, people are coming up with innovative ways to make Christmas both more interesting and sustainable. By the end of 2022, we can expect these trends to continue in new and exciting ways. Who knows? Perhaps by then there will be a way to use AI to capture Santa Claus on camera.


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