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The Best Way To Use Festoon Lights In Your Outdoor Space

Festoon lighting has become increasingly popular for all types of hospitality venue. Whether it’s a beer garden at the pub, or the perfect outdoor wedding venue, they not only illuminate, but can define spaces, such as a canopied area outside, or walkways between different structures at an outdoor wedding or party location. But there is no reason to stop there. Our star lanterns are designed perfectly to work with long drop style festoon. This is the type of festoon where the bulb hangs below the main cable.

Festoon in garden

Where there’s just a bulb, there could be a star.

Any location using long drop festoon can be completely transformed in minutes by simply tying our flat-packed star lanterns over each bulb. If you already have long drop festoon, we’ve put together exclusive multi-buy party packs to suit any location, and every season. Each discounted pack comes in multiples of 10, making it easy to calculate how many you need for your venue. Use over every bulb, or perhaps just a few, if you want to highlight a particular space such as a bar, or seating area.

Whichever way you want to design your space, paper starlights are a sensational way to quickly transform any type of venue. Whatever the occasion, and whatever the theme, we’re pretty sure we’ve got what you need. You can match the flowers for the wedding, or find the right colours for the cup final, chop and change like the seasons, or flit between boho and elegant depending on your guests. If you’ve already got the long drop festoon, all you need is the stars. See how easy it is to make your location really stand out. And like all our sustainable handmade products, it really doesn’t cost the earth.

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