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Retail and Shop Window Displays

"Your stars have made this an even nicer place to work"
- Alice, Waterstones, Manchester

Retail and Shop Window Display

Lit or unlit, Paper Starlights create signature retail and shop window displays and atmospheric décor for all occasions. Visually stimulating and timeless, they use light, form and colour to transform spaces.

Pubs, boutiques, fruit and veg shops, barbers, beauty parlours, bookshops – our stars are used as window displays by all sorts of businesses – and the warmth they cast out spreads far beyond the footprint of the premises. 

Perfect as Edison bulb shades, Star window displays send out a friendly welcome to all passers-by.  And an endless combinations of styles and sizes means no two displays are the same. 

Our services range from design and production, to supply, to installation.

We also supply designers, contract lighting specialists and visual merchandisers.

There are plenty of examples of star window displays on our social. Check them out here

And our bundles are a great way to start.  

Star Lanterns for Window Displays – Why Paper Starlights?

Our starlight lanterns create front of house and retail window displays with depth and substance without blocking the view of a premises interior from the outside (and vice versa). They’re versatile and can use the height, width and depth of a window, creating an angled display that’s visible from all directions and vantage points. They can make small spaces great and fill a large space comfortably. 

Retail and Shop Window Display

They look fantastic both sides of the window - their warm, enticing glow will draw customers in from the outside, as well as providing atmospheric ambient lighting for those on the inside. 

"The ambience that the stars created was so warm and inviting – our customers all wanted to sit beneath them. We could create Christmas simply and beautifully, without the need for other decorations"

Create your own Display

Over the years we’ve created seasonal retail displays and point of sale installations for Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, and community-focussed celebrations - and we’d like to share some top tips here! 

If you’re thinking of sharing the light with your own window display, we’ve always found that hanging your stars in clusters (odd numbers work best!) displayed at different heights is a great way of creating visual impact. Combining different sizes also looks fantastic. Either hang in the upper portion of the window and use the lower part and window sill to display complementary décor – or go all-out and fill the whole window!  

Let there be Light 

So – how do you light them up? As our stars are British Standard tested as lampshades, you can use them as you would a lampshade with electric lightbulbs and LEDs over a standard pendant light fitting.  And you could also use an electric plugset with flex, light fitting and plug – we have ready-made kits with 4m of flex available on this site. 

Retail and Shop Window Display

You could also insert battery operated fairy lights. You probably have a set of these already. But if you don’t, no worries – you can get them on this site. These look really nice and the light will twinkle through the perforations in the star. Make sure your fairy lights are battery operated - electric wouldn't be recommended due to the heat output and contact with the star. 

You might already have a set of Edison bulbs installed in your window – in which case our stars will simply tie over your existing light fitting. Just ensure your actual bulb wattage doesn’t exceed 40W!

And if you do have to take your display down (and you won’t want to), the good news is that our stars are re-usable. Simply fold them down and keep them for the next celebration!

"Next year we’re going to have even more. We love them. The whole pub loves them"

- Jodie Wray, Britannia Inn, Chesterfield


"Our customers loved the stars – we didn’t want to take them down. Can’t wait to see what designs you come up with for us next year"

 - Johnny Wray, Britannia Inn, Chesterfield

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